Assignment: Blog

I found the following blog sites that are relevant to the course Learning Theories and Instruction.  The first site was developed by Deshawna Colvin and she is a development professional.  In one of her blogs,,  she speaks about design instruction.  She is blogging her experience as she completes the requirements for her classwork.  She explains different programs and software as she learns their value and usefulness.  In one of her posts, she compares the graphic designer to the user experience design.  Her blog gives pointers on what programs to use and how the programs function.  For example, she explains her first experience with the Adobe Photoshop.  Finally, her blog gave a visual on how our senses process images and sounds which would be important in this field.  Being enrolled in the degree plan of Educational Technology, I think her site will keep me abreast of the sites I can use and how to use them to my advantage. 

The second blog site was done by Teacher Rogers,  Her blog helps the readers develop and evaluate their designed instruction.  She speaks of how evaluation plays a part in each process.  Whether it is designing, implementing, developing,  or analyzing, we must evaluate as we complete each step. This blog would be helpful because of the resources listed and the visual interpretation of her work.  Her blog is good guide for beginners as I am. 

The final blog site was created by  I chose this blog because of the wealth of information however, I am not sure who created it.  This blog gives a step by step model on how to be successful in design instruction.  The topics include define the problem, best learning experience, analysis, empathy mapping, and effective questioning.  She has four different posts on just design instruction; how to navigate, where to begin, and the goal of design instruction.

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